Primum Estetica

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Clinic „Primum Estetica“ seeks that all women and men could enjoy their bodies and intimate lives. „Primum Estetica“ provides supreme and innovative dermatological, gynecological, urological, neurosurgical, plastic-reconstructive surgery, beauty, anti-aging medical services for HER and HIM.



Doctor D. Bartkevičienė is an amazing expert in her field. She was the first doctor to take so much time to thoroughly explain the situation and to calm the patient. Clearly explained the plan and course of the treatment, was very attentive before and after surgery.

Julija Petrauskaitė2021-08-16

If you are looking for a doctor who follows all the scientific innovations and latest research, if you want receive modern and science-based treatment, then doctor D. Bartkevičienė is the one you are looking for.

Sigita Puvačiauskienė2021-08-17

The doctor sincerely took the time to solve my problem, consulted with the colleagues, calmed and encouraged me, and finally performed a surgery. Everything went well. I was surprised when the doctor called me two weeks after the surgery to ask how I feel. Very pleasant as a person, I have already recommended doctor D. Bartkevičienė to my daughters. After all, attention and professionalism is so important these days.

Ieva Kašauskaitė2021-08-19

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