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Removal of condylomas (genital warts) by laser or radiofrequency

Various benign growths on the mucous membranes of the genitals and surrounding tissues, as well as around the anal ring and on the buttocks, are quite common. These lesions do not cause pain or other unpleasant sensations, but are visible and can be felt by touch.

Condillomas (genital warts) are usually caused by the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus (HPV). As well as being unsightly, these benign growths tend to spread rapidly and it is recommended that they are removed as soon as possible after they appear.

How are condylomas (genital warts) removed?

All of these benign growths can be safely and painlessly removed in one visit. At Primum Estetica, the removal of genital condylomas (genital warts) is carried out using a laser or radiofrequency. Both methods are able to quickly, safely and effectively get rid of the growths on the genitals without damaging the surrounding tissues.

How to prepare for the condyloma (genital warts) removal procedure?

Shave the area of the body where the condylomas (genital warts) will be removed the day before or on the day of the procedure.

In the clinic, condyloma (genital warts) removal is performed by laser or radiofrequency. How is it decided which method will be used to remove the lesions?

The doctor decides which way to remove the condyloma (genital warts) after assessing the patient’s clinical condition.

The way in which the condyloma (genital warts) is removed depends on the extent and the amount of lesions. If the number of papillae is very high, and depending on their localisation, the removal is more likely to be carried out by radiofrequency, and less likely to be carried out by lasers. The doctor will decide which method of removal is the most appropriate after an examination.

Is the removal of genital condylomas (genital warts) a painful procedure?

Whichever method is used to remove condyloma (genital warts), the procedure will be completely painless.

At Primum Estetica, various procedures for the removal of benign skin lesions and non-malignant tumours are carried out using modern and safe medical CO2 lasers with a variety of different removal programmes for the lesions, which are much less likely to scar than surgical removal.

In the case of the removal of genital condylomas (genital warts) by radiofrequency, the procedure will involve the use of an electrode that will make an incision using radio waves without touching the skin. Once the lesion is removed, no scar remains and healthy skin develops in about a week.

The removal of genital condylomas (genital warts) at Primum Estetica is carried out by experienced and qualified doctors.

Confidentiality, which is one of the most important components of the relationship of trust we build between the patient and the clinician, is guaranteed.


Price from €49
Consultation, procedure description, local anesthesia €45
Removal of condyloma (genital wart) by laser, 1 unit €49
Removal of condyloma (genital wart) by radiofrequency, 1 unit €49
Removal of condyloma (genital wart) by laser (2-5 units) €139
Removal of condyloma (genital wart) by radiofrequency (2-5 units) €139
Removal of condylomas (genital warts) by laser (6-10 units) €249
Removal of condylomas (genital warts) by radiofrequency (6-10 units) €249


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