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PRP therapy to stop hair loss

Hair loss, thinning and dryness are widespread problems among people of all ages. They are caused by genetic, environmental, hormonal, mechanical and other factors. It is normal to lose about 100-150 hairs per day. However, if you notice a higher amount of shedding and a deterioration in the quality of your hair, you should consult a specialist to find out the cause and select a treatment and care plan.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a natural therapy that stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and keratin and the formation of new capillaries. PRP has a wide range of applications: it is not only used to treat hair loss and improve hair condition but also to rejuvenate the skin, address various skin problems, stimulate the healing process, correct scars, relieve joint pain and more.

PRP hair therapy stimulates the formation of new capillaries and the production of keratin and collagen, revitalising those hair follicles that have not yet completely deteriorated. The hair roots in the scalp are strengthened, resulting in thicker, healthier-looking hair and a natural shine. As more hairs move into the anagen phase, more hair loss is observed at the beginning of the treatment, but this is temporary and shows that the treatment is working.

Who is suitable for PRP therapy to stop hair loss?

PRP therapy is suitable for men and women who:

  • suffer from hair loss, both early and advanced,
  • want to strengthen their hair after a hair transplant,
  • want to prevent hair loss and improve their hair condition.

Who is not suitable for PRP therapy to stop hair loss?

This therapy is not suitable for everyone who wants to stop hair loss because the cause of hair loss is very important, and this is individual.

Some diseases and conditions do not allow PRP therapy:

  • patients with an active infection,
  • patients with oncological diseases,
  • those with bleeding disorders, or those taking blood thinners or immunosuppressive drugs.

PRP therapy is also ineffective if the hair follicles are damaged, so it is essential to consult a doctor before starting PRP therapy.

Is any special preparation required for PRP therapy to stop hair loss?

It is recommended that you make an appointment with your doctor before the procedure. During this consultation, the condition of the hair and the cause of the hair loss will be evaluated, and the necessary blood tests will be prescribed before the PRP treatment (to assess the clotting capacity, rule out inflammation, determine the platelet count, etc.). Properly assessing the patient’s medical condition and the cause of hair loss or deterioration ensures that the right platelet-rich plasma is prepared and gives the best possible results.

How is the PRP therapy procedure performed to stop hair loss?

First, blood is drawn from the patient’s vein for the procedure. The blood goes to a particular centrifugation machine, where it is specially prepared, and the platelet concentrate PRP is extracted from it. The concentration of platelets it contains is up to 4-5 times higher than the average blood platelet count. The concentrate is injected into the hairy scalp using a very fine needle. The procedure is safe. Skin anaesthesia is not recommended as it inhibits the effect of PRP. In case of extreme sensitivity, cold compresses are used.

At Primum Estetica, the PRP procedure is performed with a syringe and needle rather than a mesogun. There are several reasons for this choice. Firstly, the needle allows the doctor to better control the amount and depth of the product injected into the skin. In addition, the manual procedure avoids product loss and allows more product to be injected into the skin.

PRP injection procedure to stop hair loss

The procedure to stop hair loss

What is the duration of the PRP therapy procedure to stop hair loss?

The procedure, with blood collection and plasma preparation, takes approximately 45-60 minutes.

How many treatments are needed to achieve the desired result?

To achieve a good result, 4-6 procedures every 4 weeks are recommended. Afterwards, 3-4 treatments per year are sufficient for a maintenance effect. The final treatment plan is based on the scalp’s condition and the goals to be achieved. The results are usually not visible immediately but after a few months.

What to do after the PRP treatment?

After the procedure:

  • 4 hours do not pour water on your head;
  • 24 hours: do not wash your head, do not use hair care and styling products;
  • 24 hours don’t do sports, don’t sunbathe, don’t visit the sauna or swimming pool;
  • 72 hours do not dye your hair.

PRP treatments at Primum Estetica are carried out by experienced specialists.

PRP can be performed not only on the head but also on the eyebrows. It is also possible to combine the hair care treatments with other necessary treatments at the clinic during the same visit.


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