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Karolina Eva Romeikiene

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I am very grateful to Dr. Agnė, who removed a mole from my forehead. It is unbelievable that after so many years it no longer irritates me when I look in the mirror. I am very happy with the result. The area where the mole was removed is healing quickly. I know that after a while the result will be even better. Thank you very much!

Ausra S. 15/11/2023

I would like to thank Dr. Daiva Bartkevičienė and the whole team of Primum Estetica clinic for the pleasant communication, warm atmosphere and excellent knowledge of your work. P.S. I really liked the cosy interior of the clinic with blue and gold accents!

M. D. 18/09/2023

I am very satisfied with the results of my treatment. I am very pleased with the work of Agnė Bartkevičiūtė. The doctor used laser to remove the fat deposits near my nose. It's been more than 6 months now and I can see that the fat is not going to grow back and, most importantly, I can't see any scars! I am very happy with the results of the treatment. Thank you again, doctor!

Onute M.26/09/2023

I am very satisfied with my labioplasty. Dr. Daiva is amazing, she is a true professional with an undoubted talent as an artist, because she created a miracle! The result exceeded all my expectations, it's a wonderful feeling when you don't have to be ashamed of your body anymore... Doctor, thank you again for giving me back the joy of life!

B. J. 11/10/2023

The Associate Professor is a specialist with a capital letter. I have been seeing this doctor for a few years now and I am most happy that she is taking care of me. My own last neglected case prompted me to write the very best review. After reading some of the reviews written earlier, it seems that you are writing not about this person. Doctor, my husband and I are very grateful to you, you are a real doctor, a real expert in your field, who reassures and explains things to us, who gives us a feeling of security and confidence, and who gives us faith that everything will be all right. Thank you very much and I really recommend Dr Daiva to everyone.

Testimonial has been shared pincetas.lt11/12/2023

Amazing specialist doctor, listening, understanding, dedicated to her work and accurately identifies existing problems and prescribes the right treatment. I am glad that I will no longer have to be distracted and look for someone who can help, because Agnė is a true specialist in her field, 100% recommendations.

Testimonial has been shared pincetas.lt21/12/2023

I had my augmentation of the labia majora with the doctor Daiva. I am very satisfied with the result. She was professional, kind, took as much time as she needed, answered all my questions. If I need a similar procedure in the future, I will only go to this doctor because I trust her.

Testimonial has been shared pincetas.lt12/01/2024

Very competent specialist in her field: diagnosed a skin problem that had been bothering her for years quickly, applied a treatment that was effective. Moreover, Agnė is a very thorough, attentive, kind and empathetic doctor. The visits were without any fear and tension, the doctors were surprisingly patient with explanations and encouragement :) As a patient, it was a great achievement for me to get rid of my skin problems and enjoy life again. The best recommendations.

Testimonial has been shared pincetas.lt12/01/2024

I am incredibly grateful to Dr Agne for her professional and warm communication, explanation of the causes of my skin problem, the appointment of treatment, outstanding order of recording treatment recommendations, and achieved result. I applied for neglected rosacea rashes on my face that had been bothering me for 2 years, which was causing me to give up my social life. I went to the doctor in January when the condition of my facial skin was "terrible." The doctor explained the reasons for this skin condition, prescribed the treatment, wrote it down neatly, and explained every detail of the treatment. I have never seen such neatly written treatment recommendations. The same procedure was followed for each follow-up visit to the doctor. I followed every doctor's recommendation and completely removed the rashes from my face within a couple of months. That's why I can't help but write a testimonial. I am very grateful that I came to Dr Agne. Best of luck to you!

Testimonial has been shared pincetas.lt23/04/2024

Dr. Daiva Bartkeviciene consulted me at the Primum Estetica clinic. The doctor's competence, modern approach, application of new technologies, sincere communication, and empathetic approach to the patient left a great impression. The consultation was followed by labia plastic surgery. The whole process was smooth. I can only be happy and grateful. It's a shame I delayed this surgery for many years. Great work, thank you very much.

Testimonial has been shared pincetas.lt23/04/2024

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