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Consultation of the urologist for Him

The urologist provides advice and treatment for urinary tract problems, male reproductive system, and erectile disorders. During the examination and consultation, a highly qualified doctor will listen to your complaints, assess your symptoms, carry out tests and, once diagnosed, prescribe the appropriate treatment.

At the Primum Estetica medical and aesthetic clinic, urologists:

  • provide consultations on improving intimate health;
  • perform procedures to improve intimate health:

– P-Shot injection procedure to improve erections;

– penile thickening with hyaluronic acid;

  • counseling and treatment of urinary incontinence;
  • tests:

– genital biopsies;

– prostate biopsy;

  • perform surgeries:

– vasectomy;

– frenuloplasty;

– circumcision;

  • remove genital atheromas, condylomas, and warts by laser or radiofrequency;
  • remove genital tumors.

When might I need a urology consultation?

We recommend that you consult a urologist if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • pain in the pelvic area;
  • pain in the genital area;
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • impaired urinary function or related problems, such as wanting to urinate more often;
  • you feel burning or swelling of the genitals;
  • sexual intercourse has become painful and uncomfortable;
  • you suspect that you have contracted a sexually transmitted disease;
  • you have noticed changes in your genital area;
  • you are not satisfied with your sex life and want to experience stronger sensations.

How does a urology consultation take place for HIM?

During the consultation, the patient’s medical history is reviewed: complaints, past and current urological diseases, heredity, whether any tests have been performed, and the results are reviewed and discussed. This is followed by an examination of the patient and, if necessary, laboratory, echoscopic, radiological, or biopsy tests.

Depending on the reason for the consultation, the urologist may also ask quite intimate questions. This is necessary for the doctor to get to the bottom of your complaints and medical history.

How long does a urology consultation take place for HIM?

A urology consultation usually takes about 20-30 minutes.

Does the urologist perform palpation of the prostate through the anus during the consultation, known as a ‘finger test’?

Usually, this test is only performed on patients who come to the urologist’s consultation for prostate problems. It takes a few seconds. The test uses a special lubricant and the patient’s body posture is chosen so that the test is not very uncomfortable and should not be feared.

How do I prepare for a urology consultation?

Usually, no prior preparation is needed for a urology consultation. It is recommended to come with a full bladder only if possible so that a urine test can be performed if necessary.

Does a man with no medical conditions need a preventive urology consultation for HIM?

A urology consultation for HIM is also recommended as a prophylactic measure if you want to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, because these strong and well-functioning muscles:

  • affect your intimate life;
  • help you to achieve orgasm more easily;
  • ensure the retention of urine and faeces;
  • ensure bowel function.

What treatments can my urologist prescribe if I want to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles to prevent incontinence?

If you have no complaints and just want to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles as a preventive measure, your urologist will likely recommend a non-invasive procedure to improve your intimate health using the BTL Emsella magnetic chair. This procedure has been recognised as the best intimate health improvement procedure. It strengthens the pelvic floor muscles and treats incontinence.

How is the BTL Emsella procedure performed in the magnetic chair?

You don’t even need to undress during the treatment, just sit comfortably in the magnetic chair for half an hour. You can have the treatment during your lunch break and then return to your normal daily activities. The duration of one treatment is 30 minutes; 6 treatments are required, which should be carried out continuously, 2 per week. The results are already visible after the first treatment.

What non-invasive procedures does the urologist at Primum Estetica perform for men who want to improve their intimate health?

One of the most popular is the PRP procedure  Priapus shot or P-Shot. It is designed for men who want to enhance intimate sensations, experience greater pleasure, and revitalize their sex life. Most men notice an improvement in erection, sensations, and pleasure after the P-Shot notice an improvement in erection, sensations, and pleasure after the P-Shot procedure. However, P-Shot can also help men with erectile problems, who suffer from reduced libido and stamina, whose sex life has deteriorated due to illness (diabetes, oncological disease, etc.), or who have Peyron’s disease.

Penis enlargement with hyaluronic acid is also popular. This procedure increases the volume of the male genital organ and allows both partners to enjoy a longer and more pleasurable sexual act.

The experienced urologists at Primum Estetica follow the latest medical recommendations based on scientific research and foster attentiveness and respect for the man and her choice.

Confidentiality is guaranteed.


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